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What is Choir Prodigy?

Choir Prodigy is a multi-platform experience that helps you improve as a singer at any level, whether you are singing solo or in harmony. No other system can hear your pitch, then help you in real time. And no other system knows if you are singing the right vowel with good tone. Choir Prodigy is your coach, accompanist, assistant and repertoire; all in one.

And it is free.

Let there be music!

Who is Choir Prodigy for?

For the Choir Director
What would your choir sound like if each singer received daily coaching from you? Choir Prodigy will give each of your singers daily coaching—anywhere, anytime, as much as they need. And it’s all free.

For the Ensemble Vocalist
Choir Prodigy makes it easy to sing more accurately and confidently, at whatever level you want to enjoy. Learn your harmony line and sing it beautifully.


The Music Prodigy Method

You sing along with the app, it listens and gives you instant feedback. No other system can actually hear your pitch and help you instantly. And no other system knows if you are singing the right vowel with good tone.


Simple user interface

We show you the note to sing, and when to sing it. You sing. You get points for singing notes correctly. It really is that simple.

Look at the FAQ and Support page for simple help and contact information.

Polyphonic Pitch Detection

Our patented polyphonic pitch recognition technology listens to every single note you sing. You receive instant feedback and help in the privacy of your own practice space, wherever that may be.

Vowel Detection

The key to a powerful and beautiful voice is learning to sing pure vowels with good technique. Our patent-pending technology discerns the five Italian vowels in real time, shows you the vowel you sang, and awards points for accurately matching the correct vowel.

Instant Feedback

Because Choir Prodigy listens to every note you sing, you can track exactly what you’ve sung, for how long and how well you sang it.

Thousands of vocal parts and growing.

Choir Prodigy includes an ever-growing library of thousands of choral masterpieces, songs, arias, carols – and music that you upload.

Compatible with an array of devices

Choir Prodigy is compatible with PC, Mac and iOS operating systems, and can be installed on up to 5 devices at the same time. Sing everywhere you go.

Sing Anywhere

Choir Prodigy works anywhere you want to sing with your mobile or desktop PC, Mac and iOS device.

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